COVID-19 Vaccination Guidance for Suppliers

Boosters and Employee Health and Safety at Gilead

Gilead and Kite recognize that for individuals to be considered up to date with their COVID-19 vaccine, and therefore benefit from the maximum protection immunization can provide, they need to have a booster shot after completing their initial vaccines. The company is requiring all U.S. employees and contingent workers who perform services at or visit a Gilead or Kite work location, even infrequently, who meet in person with employees, or who meet in person with patients or physicians on Gilead’s behalf to get a COVID-19 booster shot by March 10. This applies to all employees and contingent workers who meet the above criteria and (a) are eligible for a booster, (b) haven’t acquired one yet, and (c) are not already approved for an accommodation for a religious or medical reason.

All suppliers are responsible for documenting and verifying that their representatives (e.g., employees, subcontractors) are in compliance with Gilead and Kite’s U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and are up to date on their vaccines. “Up to date” means that a person who is eligible for a booster (five months have passed since their second dose of a two-dose regimen or two months have passed since their single-dose J&J regimen) has received one. Those who have been granted an accommodation for a religious or medical reason for the original vaccination mandate do not need to re-apply for an accommodation for the booster.  

  • We are not asking that suppliers provide anything additional – attestations have already been signed that confirm compliance to our vaccine policy. 
  • We are not collecting booster documentation from contingent workers or suppliers – it is up to suppliers to collect documentation of boosters and adhere to the vaccine policy. 

Those who are not yet eligible for a booster in the United States will have two months from their start date or booster eligibility date to obtain one.

Boosters are important for business continuity. The CDC now recommends that all people 12 years or older should get a booster in order to protect themselves against serious disease, including infection from Omicron and future variants.

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