Access Planning in High-Incidence, Resource-Limited Countries for Lenacapavir for HIV Prevention

Foster City, Calif., June 20, 2024 – Today, Gilead announced topline results from an interim analysis of its pivotal, Phase 3 PURPOSE 1 trial indicating that the company’s twice-yearly injectable HIV-1 capsid inhibitor, lenacapavir, demonstrated 100% efficacy for the investigational use of HIV prevention in cisgender women in sub-Saharan Africa.

In advance of today’s milestone and in view of the company’s ongoing commitment to communities affected by HIV, we have been developing a strategy to enable broad, sustainable access globally. A key component of this strategy is to deliver lenacapavir swiftly, sustainably and in sufficient volumes, if approved, to high-incidence, resource-limited countries, which are primarily low- and lower-middle-income countries. To reach as many individuals who need or want pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as quickly as possible, we are pursuing a two-pronged access strategy:

  • Ensuring dedicated Gilead supply in the countries where the need is greatest until voluntary licensing partners are able to supply high-quality, low-cost versions of lenacapavir, and
  • Developing a robust direct voluntary licensing program to expedite access to those versions of lenacapavir in high-incidence, resource-limited countries. We are moving with urgency to negotiate these contracts.

To support our access strategy, Gilead is prioritizing speed to enable the most efficient path for the regulatory approval of twice-yearly lenacapavir for PrEP in countries that account for most of the global disease burden. We are exploring frameworks intended to facilitate faster access in target populations and countries such as the European Medicines Agency’s EU Medicines for All, and the World Health Organization’s collaborative review and prequalification procedures. EU Medicines for All provides opinion on medicines intended for use outside of the EU and can run in parallel with an EU centralized filing. We believe these frameworks could enable Gilead to secure approvals in key high-incidence, resource-limited countries as quickly as possible in relation to an EU approval.

Additionally, the regulatory filing for lenacapavir for PrEP is planned to include the results of both PURPOSE 1 and, if positive, PURPOSE 2, which is assessing twice-yearly lenacapavir for PrEP among cisgender men, transgender women, transgender men and gender-nonbinary individuals who have sex with partners assigned male sex at birth in seven countries around the world. This approach can help support lenacapavir for PrEP approval for multiple populations and communities most in need of additional HIV prevention options.

Our access strategy for high-incidence, resource-limited countries reflects extensive consultations with HIV-affected communities worldwide as well as governments, advocates, multilateral organizations, individuals who need or want PrEP, and community partners. Through these discussions, four essential priorities have consistently emerged: delivering long-acting PrEP with speed, at sufficient volume to meet demand, at prices that enable widespread availability and in coordination with partners on the ground.

These priorities are guiding every step of our strategy planning. We are also applying learnings from our two decades of innovation and leadership in global access to medicines. In 2023 alone, more than 20 million HIV and hepatitis B treatments based on Gilead therapeutics were made available to people living in low- and lower-middle-income countries. In that same year, more than 11 million units of Gilead-branded medicines were delivered to nearly 250,000 individuals in these countries.

We thank the people and organizations who have provided counsel and guidance on our lenacapavir for PrEP access strategy. We look forward to sharing further updates as milestones are reached.

The use of lenacapavir for the prevention of HIV is investigational and has not been determined to be safe or efficacious and is not approved anywhere globally.

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