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Increasing Manufacturing Capacity and Supply of Remdesivir

There are currently limited available clinical supplies of remdesivir but Gilead is working to increase its available supply as rapidly as possible.

In response to the Ebola outbreaks in West Africa in recent years, Gilead increased manufacturing of remdesivir to create a stockpile of product that could be used in response to future pandemics, as well as a stockpile of the materials used to manufacture remdesivir. Gilead is now using this stockpile to address the supply needed for current compassionate use requests and ongoing clinical trials.

In anticipation of potential future needs, Gilead has accelerated manufacturing timelines to increase available supply as rapidly as possible. Gilead is doing this before knowing whether remdesivir will be determined to be safe and effective to treat patients with COVID-19.

To increase available clinical supplies of remdesivir, Gilead is also manufacturing two formulations of remdesivir, in both liquid and freeze-dried forms, expanding its network of manufacturing partners to increase capacity and production, and has begun internal manufacturing of remdesivir to supplement the capacity of the external manufacturing network. Gilead is actively collaborating with government agencies on COVID-19 response efforts and is sharing regular updates with them on the company’s manufacturing scale-up.