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Rheumatology I2 Program

Rheumatology I2 (Innovation in Inflammation) Program

Through Medical Affairs, Gilead and Galapagos support the research efforts of academic institutions, clinical investigators, and research networks to help improve initial and long-term management of patients with inflammatory rheumatic conditions. Gilead and Galapagos support novel focused and innovative research efforts. The decision to support any proposal will be based on the validity of the scientific question proposed and only when the proposed data generation will complement the existing body of evidence and not repeat previous research studies.

With this Request for Proposal, Gilead and Galapagos intend to support investigator research focused on rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and innovation beyond RA. Successful projects must demonstrate clear objectives, defined timelines, a comprehensive research plan, and proposed data generation which has relevance to the medical community relating to one of the two research goals below:

  • To evaluate the mechanism of JAK inhibitors for RA treatment
    • Mechanism of JAK inhibitor efficacy in RA treatment
    • Role of JAK selectivity in treatment efficacy
    • Mechanism of differential safety with selective JAK inhibition
    • Use of patient reported outcomes to describe efficacy
  • To pursue innovation in rheumatology with JAK inhibitors
    • Pursuit of personalized medicine in rheumatology
    • Development of innovative approach to RA treatment
    • Development of innovative treatment success parameters in RA
    • Use of JAK inhibitors in proof-of-concept conditions

Gilead and Galapagos plan to award a total of approximately $5,000,000 in funds for these research proposals, dependent upon availability of funds and receipt of meritorious applications. Gilead and Galapagos anticipate that 6-10 awards will be granted. Any proposal greater than $500,000 should be discussed with your Medical Scientist prior to submission.

Additional information about the Rheumatology I2 Program is found in the downloadable Request for Proposal (RFP) document below.

Key Dates:

  • October 28, 2019: Letter of Intent (LOI) submission window opens
  • December 6, 2019: LOI submission window closes
  • Proposals will be initiated with a LOI and signed Gilead ISR Overhead Policy (both downloadable below) and submitted to

Questions about the program or application process should be submitted to your local Gilead Medical Scientist or to