Historical Patient Organization Spend Czech Republic and Slovakia   


Gilead has provided no support to patient organizations in 2016 from the Czech Republic or Slovakia. The information is correct at the time of writing August 2018. The information is subject to change and periodic updates.


Recipient Description of Activity Amount Funded (CZK)
Diagnoza Leukemie Grant – financial support for creating educational video “Bases of illness and treatment of CLL” 70,000.00
Diagnoza Leukemie Gift – CLL educational brochures 5,000.00


Recipient Description of Activity Amount Funded €
Odyseus Slovakia Patient education materials 59
Czech Society of AIDS Help Patient education materials 59
Odyseus Slovakia HIV testing and awareness 8200
Slovak Medical University in Bratislava HIV resistance and antiretroviral treatment studies 11080
Lymphoma Group Slovakia General support 4000