Gilead plays a central role in developing single tablet regimens – with one pill once a day, patients can take all of their medication in each dose.

Liver Diseases   

Our liver disease programs focus on expanding treatment options for chronic hepatitis B and C.


Our medicines aim to help patients with cardiovascular disease return to their daily activities, and we are exploring potential new indications such as diabetes.


We research and develop treatments for serious respiratory conditions such as influenza, cystic fibrosis and other diseases of the lungs.

Oncology / Inflammation   

Our scientists are applying new knowledge about how cancers grow and spread to potentially enhance and improve cancer therapy.

Other Therapies   

Gilead medicines treat severe fungal and parasitic infections, and address vision loss caused by degenerative eye diseases.

Accessing Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C   

Gilead has made it a priority to help ensure worldwide access to its first-in-class treatment for hepatitis C, Sovaldi. Learn more.

International AIDS Conference Delegates

Gilead Sciences is greatly saddened by the loss of life on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which included many dedicated HIV researchers and advocates in transit to the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Their commitment and compassion will always be remembered, and we send our deepest condolences to their families, friends and colleagues.