Gilead Patient Assistance Programs

Our U.S. patient assistance programs help make Gilead therapies accessible for uninsured individuals and those who need financial assistance. These programs include:

The company also supports programs for those unable to afford the co-payments associated with health insurance programs.

In the therapeutic area of HIV/AIDS, Gilead has collaborated with the U.S. government and six industry partners to establish a Common Patient Assistance Program Application. This allows patients to use a single form to apply for multiple treatment assistance programs.

Federal and State Programs

Half of all patients taking Gilead HIV medicines in the United States receive them through federal and state programs at substantially discounted prices.

We have a long history of working with state AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs) to provide lower pricing for our HIV medicines. In 2008, we instituted a voluntary price freeze and additional discounts for ADAPs for all Gilead products that will run through 2016.

Contact Information

U.S. Advancing Access® Phone: 1-800-226-2056

Atripla® Patient Assistance Program Phone: 1-866-290-4767

Truvada® for PrEP Medication Assistance Program Phone: 1-855-330-5479

GileadSolutionsTM Phone: 1-866-664-5327 

Cayston Access ProgramTMPhone: 1- 877-722-9786

Ranexa ConnectTM Phone: 1-888-726-3925

Support Path for Sovaldi and Harvoni Phone: 1-855-769-7284

Zydelig® AccessConnectPhone: 1-844-622-2377