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The following style toolkit is meant to define the Gilead Creating Possible brand ethos and design elements, such as fonts, colors and proper logo usage. It is designed to ensure consistent usage of the Gilead Creating Possible brand across all platforms.

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At Gilead, we stand for life-changing innovation. We’re here to fundamentally change the course of disease to dramatically improve lives—and are not satisfied until we do. We believe that together, we can defy the impossible with breakthrough science and innovation. We are tenacious in our aim, and ready to partner with anyone who shares our mission. Together, we are creating possible.

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The Gilead brand utilizes the Proxima Nova typeface family. We use a range of weights, from thin to black, in order to emphasize and deliver a variety of messages across all our platforms.

The Proxima Nova family is the primary font for all print and digital executions. Trebuchet MS is the designated font for all Microsoft Office tasks.

Essonnes is our secondary font and should be used when writing a quote, overview statement or to define a subcategory.

If you are a Gilead employee, Proxima Nova and Essonnes may already be installed on your computer. If it’s not, please click here to download on GNet.

Proxima Nova Family

Typeface overview
Typeface overview

Essonnes Type Family

Colors graphic


For the Creating Possible campaign, Gilead’s primary color has shifted to a warmer deep blue, which helps to humanize the brand. White is the secondary color. The use of red, black and grey remains unchanged.


Color swatches

HEX: 203662
RGB: 32, 54, 98
CMYK: 98, 85, 34, 24
PMS: 534C

Color swatches

HEX: ffffff
RGB: 255, 255, 255
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

Gilead Brand Colors

Color swatches

HEX: c5203f
RGB: 197, 32, 63
CMYK: 16, 100, 75, 5
PMS: 193C

Color swatches

HEX: 1e1e1e
RGB: 30, 30, 30
CMYK: 72, 66, 65, 75
PMS: Neutral Black

Color swatches

HEX: 54565b
RGB: 84, 86, 91
CMYK: 66, 57, 51, 28
PMS: Cool Gray 11C

Color swatches

HEX: c6cac6
RGB: 198, 202, 198
CMYK: 22, 15, 19, 0
PMS: 420C

Logo graphic


The Creating Possible logo lockup was designed to accompany and support the existing Gilead logo, which is the company’s primary identification element as well as the centerpiece of the brand’s visual system. This will replace the "Advancing Therapeutics. Improving Lives." logo and tagline.

Logo lockup
Logo lockup

Logo Palette

Logo Color Palette

When using the Gilead logo with the Creating Possible tagline, this is your color palette.

Gilead Creating Possible logo

Gilead shield color

Shield color

HEX: c5203f
RGB: 197, 32, 63
CMYK: 16, 100, 75, 5
PMS: 193C

Gilead logo color

Logo color

HEX: 54565b
RGB: 84, 86, 91
CMYK: 66, 57, 51, 28
PMS: Cool Gray 11C

Creating Possible color

Creating possible color

HEX: 898A8D
RGB: 137, 138, 141
CMYK: 50, 40, 38, 3
PMS: Cool Gray 8c

Do’s & Don’ts

Do’s & Don’ts

Below is a comprehensive guide for following best practices when using the Creating Possible logo lockup, including color and spacing rules and misuses that should be avoided.

Combine the Gilead logo with the tagline as often as possible. Do not combine the logo lockup with any tagline other than “Creating Possible.” Examples of appropriate use include product and corporate advertising, sales and marketing literature and corporate materials.

Approved colors

Primary on white

Primary on white logo lockup

Primary on black

Primary on black logo lockup

Alternate on white

Alternate on white logo lockup

Alternate on black

Alternate on black logo lockup

Clear space and sizing

Primary logo clear space

Logo lockup clear space

Primary logo minimum sizes

Logo lockup minimum sizes

Logo misuse

Do not alter the size and relationship of the tagline

Wrong size logo lockup

Do not change the typeface of the tagline

Wrong typeface logo lockup

Do not alter the spacing of the tagline

Wrong spacing logo lockup

Do not alter the tagline

Wrong tagline logo lockup

Do not translate the tagline into any other languages

Translated tagline logo lockup

Do not rearrange the shield location

Wrong shield logo lockup