Megan Kim Inspired by Opportunities to Help Address Liver Disease, Support Female Colleagues Across Asia

Gilead employee Megan Kim, Director of Medical Affairs – Liver Disease, says “I’m proud to help encourage my fellow female colleagues to actively share and work toward achieving their career aspirations.”

Megan Kim

Medical Affairs – Liver Disease
Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Joined Gilead: May 2018

In her role as Director of Medical Affairs – Liver Disease, Megan Kim helps communicate about our medicines to healthcare providers across several countries in Asia. Learn why she chose this path after initially pursuing a career in academic research and why she’s inspired by the opportunity to help other women at Gilead reach their professional goals.

Q: What drew you to your field and how did you come to work at Gilead?

During graduate school, I studied oncogenesis and tumor suppression genes, and thought I’d stay in academia and focus on research. Then I discovered there was a career – Medical Scientist – that involved interpreting scientific data and showing its potential impact to healthcare providers. This was my introduction to the pharmaceutical industry. Research still interests me, but my role enabled me to apply my science background to more directly help healthcare providers and their patients.

I ultimately was drawn to Gilead because of the company’s longstanding leadership in viral hepatitis, our science- and data-driven approach, and the many talented people working here.

My role is a “bridge” between our global Medical Affairs strategy and Medical Affairs teams in our “Asia 5” region, which includes Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Republic of Korea. As an ambassador for our region, I gather information, including strategy, event schedules and key insights from global meetings. I host regular meetings with our local teams to understand their needs and circumstances, discuss aligning with Gilead’s global strategies, and share best practices. Another key part of my role as a liver disease leader is highlighting and contributing to our expertise in liver disease research and development. It’s important that we bring our knowledge to the table and support scientific exchange globally.

Q: Tell us about a time you really felt the impact of your work.

I feel our impact most when we’re recognized as true scientific partners, which can result in more benefit to patients. I have supported data on unmet needs and talked with HCPs. It has helped patients and physicians individually, but it has also led to updated guidelines and expanded reimbursement, which has broader impact.

Q: What is the culture like at Gilead Korea and Asia 5? How does this fit in with Gilead’s overall culture?

I find that our leaders listen, care for and support our teams being bold – with integrity – all of which align with the company’s Core Values and Leadership Commitments. Our leaders also foster career development by encouraging employees to actively take part in leadership courses, rotation programs and employee resource groups (ERGs) to support each other, grow our capabilities and expand our networks. I highly recommend exploring more opportunities to stretch your boundaries, as stepping stones to move your career forward.

Q: Can you tell us about your role and experience with our Women at Gilead employee resource group?

I joined Women at Gilead after taking a course here on women in leadership. The program broadened my perspective – I realized women are still not always given equal opportunities in society. For this to improve, we need groups such as Women at Gilead to help promote an organizational culture that encourages women to be confident in our abilities and comfortable advocating for ourselves and each other.

I had the opportunity to lead the Korea chapter of Women at Gilead from 2020 to 2021. We tried to offer more opportunities for public speaking by inviting more internal and external women speakers. We also worked to raise awareness of how not just women, but all people are connected and have a stake in the quest for gender equity.

I’m now part of the global Women at Gilead leadership team, which I joined to help establish the ERG in more Asian countries. This year, for the first time we held regional fireside chats with Asian leaders. I’m proud to help encourage my fellow female colleagues to actively share and work toward achieving their career aspirations. This strengthens our equity, inclusion and diversity.

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