The Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) region is one of few places in the world where the annual rate of HIV diagnoses continues to rise. More than one in four people living with HIV in EECA are not aware of their HIV status and an estimated 1.7 million people in EECA are living with HIV.

To address the challenges in EECA and help ensure no one is left behind in the global effort to end HIV, Gilead has partnered with the Elton John AIDS Foundation on a groundbreaking initiative called RADIAN. 

RADIAN aims to meaningfully address new HIV infections and deaths from AIDS-related illnesses in EECA through focused action, investment and resourcing to improve the quality of prevention and care for people at risk of or living with HIV in the region. 

RADIAN Model Cities 

RADIAN Model Cities provides significant funding over five years to deliver measurable impact in addressing HIV in key EECA cities. 

The program supports innovative approaches, including new models of care and expanded prevention and healthcare programs, led by groups that are on the ground and part of the community. 

The first RADIAN Model City is Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city. 

The RADIAN Unmet Need fund supports local initiatives across the EECA region beyond the select Model Cities. Initiatives selected will focus on prevention and care, education, community empowerment, and novel partnerships. The program will be implemented locally, working with key stakeholders and partners. 

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