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Our Focus is Innovation

The Research Scholars Program supports innovative research from emerging investigators around the world to incorporate new perspectives in our pursuit of scientific understanding and progress. We believe that new, diverse voices and research topics are needed to advance scientific knowledge in areas of unmet medical need and create a healthier world.

Lab General

Diversity Fosters Innovation

The Research Scholars Program is actively working towards reducing potential barriers to entry and success for applicants from population groups who are typically underrepresented in research.

We are committed to supporting researchers and research projects addressing unmet patient needs and health inequities in order to build a more inclusive research landscape.

Program Overview

Since its launch in 2008, the Research Scholars Program has supported meaningful research by high-caliber emerging investigators to help transform scientific understanding, address knowledge gaps and drive medical breakthroughs in the following therapeutic areas:

  • Virology: HIV and Viral Hepatitis
  • Oncology
  • Liver Disease

The Research Scholars Program awards provide two years of financial support to junior faculty researchers. Each award is funded $180,000*, paid as two annual installments directly to the scholar’s institution. Funding for the second year is contingent upon submission of a progress report and approval by the chair of the program’s scientific review committee.

We also offer a Public Health program for junior researchers across low- to middle-income countries as part of our commitment to advancing global health.

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*Award amounts can vary globally

The Program by the Numbers


Although the Research Scholars Program has helped support many emerging investigators, we recognize the broader potential around the world. We’re always looking for the next wave of innovative researchers with fresh perspectives who share our vision of creating a healthier world.

Scientific Review Committees

Each of our Research Scholars Programs is overseen by a scientific review committee composed of distinguished experts in their respective fields who are independent from Gilead to ensure equal, objective evaluation of all applicants and their applications. This enables us to maintain the program’s overall integrity and competitive standards, and to ensure awards support the next generation of breakthrough scientific discovery.

Apply to Become a Research Scholar

Visit our Research Scholars Program portals to learn more about our current programs’ eligibility criteria and application process.