Business Conduct

Since Gilead’s inception, employees have worked together to contribute to our mission of advancing patient care by developing groundbreaking therapeutics to treat life-threatening diseases. Fundamental to this mission is Gilead’s adherence to the highest legal and ethical standards of business conduct. As a company driven by science and dedicated to improving patient care and quality of life, Gilead is committed to such standards, as adherence to these protects patient safety, the company, its employees and business customers.

Explore the following topics to learn more about how we do business:

Code of Ethics
Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy
Animal Use and Welfare Policy
Consumer Product Safety

It is the responsibility of every Gilead employee to be knowledgeable about, and comply with, Gilead’s business conduct policies. The company believes working together to move its business forward in the spirit of these policies will continue to enhance the reputation of Gilead Sciences.