Toward Health Equity for Black People Impacted by TNBC

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Racism and the impact of social determinants of health drive disparities in outcomes for Black women impacted by triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). Addressing these barriers is critical to advancing health equity.

Gilead awarded $5.7M in grants to 21 U.S. organizations for programs working to advance health equity for Black people impacted by TNBC.

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Two grants are focused on organizational capacity building for Black-led organizations to help enhance their reach and sustainability.

Programmatic grants are focused on supporting local, regional and national approaches to bridging gaps across the cancer care continuum by:

  • Addressing the role of social determinants of health in access across the care continuum
  • Creating sustainable solutions to promoting racial equity in breast cancer care
  • Improving community, patient and provider communication, and relationships and engagement throughout the care continuum
  • Providing outreach and education about TNBC for communities, patients, families and caregivers
  • Supplying resources to help people navigate the TNBC healthcare journey