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Gilead Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant

We’re supporting HIV/AIDS patient-centric projects in Asia Pacific

Thank you for your interest in the Gilead Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant. We are eager to support projects that place patients and their communities at the heart of care. In 2019, the focus of our grant will be on the “Fourth 90” UN target, which aims to ensure that 90% of HIV-positive persons with viral load suppression have a good quality of life. At Gilead, we are uniquely positioned to accelerate progress towards achieving the “Fourth 90” and ensuring that people living with HIV lead healthy and enriching lives. We believe that all people should have equal access to quality healthcare regardless of their background and as such, we seek to empower and support underserved communities that experience obstacles to care.

Under the overarching theme of the “Fourth 90”, there are three types of projects that we hope to support:

Focus 3 - Youth Community grants

Focus 1: Access and Quality of Life

The Access and Quality of Life grants will support initiatives that promote patient-centricity, enhance access to care/information and contribute to the quality of lives of people living with HIV. Proposals can include:

  • Sexual health and HIV prevention education campaigns, education and awareness campaigns around U=U;
  • Access to basic health services including testing, mental health and well-being programs e.g. counselling, vocational training for PLWHIV, health services for older patients, and key population-led health services such as case management, mental health or chemical dependency.
Focus 1 - Digital Community grants

Focus 2: Multi-disciplinary Care

The Multi-Disciplinary Care grants focus on initiatives aimed at enhancing capacity-building for multi-disciplinary professions and long-term care. Initiatives include:

  • Evidence and research generation projects focused on multi-disciplinary care approaches;
  • Capacity-building training of HCPs and non-health experts in psychology and mental health;
  • Health literacy training programs for HCPs and allied health professionals on long-term condition management.
Focus 2 - Friendly Community grants

Focus 3: Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion grants tackle discriminatory policies, unjust workplace and HR practices and social stigma against people living with HIV. Proposals can include:

  • Workplace diversity and inclusion campaigns;
  • Employer advocacy for anti-discrimination policies within the workplace;
  • Campaigns that address social and cultural stigma.

Key Dates and Program Specifics:

The deadline for interested parties to submit their proposals is Monday, 30 September 2019.

All grant proposals must be submitted online through the Gilead Grant portal. Please contact Gilead at to receive the Request for Proposal (RFP) document as well as further instructions on the submission process specific to your country.

Applicants should make use of the downloadable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) available below when developing their proposals.

Downloadable Documents