Emphasis on Sustainability

In 2021, Gilead made significant strides in the evolution of our environmental sustainability program — all while delivering our innovative medicines. We have a longstanding commitment to reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, minimizing waste generation and using resources efficiently. Environmental stewardship is part of Gilead’s culture – supported by leadership, our employees are a driving force for helping us achieve our corporate aspirations.

A Workplace for Tomorrow

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) awarded Gilead’s B324 Research Building the 2021 Facility of the Year Award for Special Recognition for Operational Agility: COVID-19 Impact. It was the first time in the history of the award that a research facility was honored. The award was presented in recognition of the creation of a best-in-class, flexibly designed laboratory that enabled teams to operate on various projects quickly and efficiently while maximizing collaboration. In addition, the award acknowledged the thoughtful and sustainable design of the facility, as well as the scale of the facility, which further establishes Gilead’s commitment to innovative research.

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Senior Vice President, Corporate Operations

Gilead’s been on a very long journey in terms of its facility footprint. Our master plan called for a six X increase in our footprint, and we found it a tremendous opportunity to actually take that growth and imbed sustainability principles as a way of engineering the infrastructure.



Vice President, Facilities & Operations

In the case of 324, we want to make sure that this building is not just an ordinary laboratory building. It is actually a place to inspire innovation.



Director, Project Management, Engineering

One of the biology VPs I remember asking, “How do we find our way around?” So, the E helps to identify a certain part of the building that you’re in. It helps users to understand, Hey, I may be in the chemistry side of the building, or biology.



And throughout the design of 324, the one focus we had was not just to deliver an asset that achieved our scientific ambitions of today, but it inspired scientists to focus on our scientific vision for tomorrow.



The concept of right to light is fully baked into this building, so every single laboratoryboth sideswill have the natural light.

Low-energy lighting gives us 13% of savings in energy to reduce the carbon footprint.

We decided to put solar panels on a parking garage, which brings over 750,000 kilowatt hours of additional energy.



We work very closely with not just the city ecosystem, but as well as the local community on ensuring that our growth and our plans to develop our properties are in line with the local plans.



It’s not going to happen just by engineering; it truly happens with science, engineering, and operations together.



One of the biggest things about the building is collaboration, synergy.

Another aspect is just bringing all the different disciplines and groups together so now you have a place to call home where these researchers can work together.



Building 324 was one of the first research buildings to get an honor.



It recently received a FOYA, Facility of the Year award.



That didn’t happen by just one project here or a project there. It required a complete rethinking of not just the ethos around sustainability, but also the way we viewed the program.



What it means to me is, there’s a lot of people working the background, from programming and design to handing over the building to our Facilities partners.



The awards and the ratings that we are getting —be it the LEED® gold ratings we’ve got on our largest laboratories, or the LEED gold we’ve got on our manufacturing facilities — I think they are reflective of a recognition that we were able to deliver infrastructure that was not just operationally excellent, and operationally met the parameters of what good buildings look and feel like, but they’re also at the highest sustainable standard.

I’m tremendously excited about not just the potential for sustainability to become bigger at Gilead, but for us to play a leadership role in changing the narrative around sustainability.

Maintaining Environmental Focus During the Pandemic

Over the past two years we have seen changes in GHG emissions and waste generation driven by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have taken steps to limit additional environmental impacts arising from our related health and safety protection measures. Where we have seen pandemic-related reductions in emissions, for example, resulting from travel restrictions, we seek to implement strategies to limit increases as we emerge from the pandemic. We are also integrating environmental stewardship, as well as employee wellbeing goals, into the ways in which we are adapting our workplaces as we emerge from the pandemic.

New Facilities Earn Green Certifications

Gilead continues to deliver business growth responsibly and embed sustainable design into our built environment. In 2021, four projects achieved LEED certification.

These certifications were awarded to three new Gilead facilities, in Foster City, California, Dublin, Ireland, and Athens, Greece, that came online to accommodate our business growth, as well as a new operation at our Oceanside, California site, which brings in-house certain manufacturing activities that were previously outsourced to a supplier.

Through the integration of an energy-efficient design, these projects will together realize optimization savings of 4,100 MWh and 188,000 therms (relative to a base case scenario absent green building design features).

Gilead B324 Research Building – LEED Gold

Kite Viral Vector Core Facility – MVP-01 Oceanside - LEED Gold

Athens, Greece – LEED Gold

Dublin Central, Ireland – LEED Silver


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