Photographs of Rainbow Grant recipients in the Asia Pacific region.


Supporting Local Communities in the Asia Pacific Region

Addressing health disparities by supporting organizations working to improve education and reduce stigma around HIV.

A compilation of profile photos of people committed to addressing HIV/AIDS in the Asia Pacific region.

Localized Care in a Digital Age

Venus Tsang, Senior Director of Public Affairs, Asia, at Gilead, discusses the Rainbow Grant program with a focus on grant recipient The Society for AIDS Care Hong Kong.

Using Technology to Address Cultural Stigmas

Between 2018 and 2019, the Rainbow Grant program supported 67 projects across the Asia Pacific region, including The Society for AIDS Care Hong Kong. With its innovative mobile app, the organization leverages technology to remove longstanding cultural barriers to HIV education, support and resources.

Screenshot of The Society for AIDS Care Hong Kong mobile website.
Photos of Alice Chan, CEO of The Society for AIDS Care Hong Kong, and co-workers

The Goal:

Provide information about HIV transmission and prevention while fostering community acceptance.

How It Works:

The app empowers youth to seek care and resources without making themselves more vulnerable to cultural stigmas.

What’s Next:

Continue to eliminate discrimination by encouraging young people to utilize the app for resources and support.

Addressing Local Challenges

HIV is a global issue, and different communities require different approaches to outreach and care. In the APAC region, cultural stigmas present significant barriers to getting tested for HIV. And people living with HIV face challenges accessing basic healthcare services including testing, mental health and well-being programs.

Map of Asia Pacific region overlayed with data points about HIV in the region.

In 2017 in the APAC region, there were:

5.2 million

people living with HIV*


new HIV infections**

1.47 million

people who did not know they were living with HIV***

*UNAIDS Estimates 2018

**UNAIDS (2017) “Ending AIDS: Progress towards the 90-90-90 Targets”

***UNAIDS (2018) Data Book

Helping Provide Access and Education

We partner with community alliances, NGOs, governments and local businesses to work on programs that help people living with HIV live longer and healthier lives through:

Scenes from current and past Rainbow Grant recipients.

"The goal of our community-based programs is to provide life-changing opportunities at local and regional levels, but on a global scale."

Venus Tsang, Senior Director of Public Affairs, Asia, at Gilead

A close-up of a microscope

We're Ready for What's Next

The work is already underway. Read Gilead’s 2019 Year in Review to learn more.