Windmills and global sustainability initiatives


Making a Positive and Sustainable Impact

Every day, we’re focused on doing our best work to address unmet medical needs while minimizing the impact on our environment. This means making the most of our shared resources so we can deliver more lifesaving medicines to patients.

An illustrated icon of plant leaves emerging from a scientific beaker.

What Is Green Chemistry?

The Green Chemistry movement is driven by scientists, researchers and engineers aiming to create alternative processes that protect and preserve natural resources while reducing toxic waste. At Gilead, it’s changing the way we produce lifesaving medicines in earth-friendly ways.

Meet the Team

Incorporating Green Chemistry and other sustainability efforts across all phases of our R&D is a team effort. Here are some of the people making it possible:

A scientist works at a chemistry lab station.

A laboratory building on Gilead's main campus in Foster City, California.

Our Global Commitment

From green buildings to renewable energy to responsible sourcing, our sustainability efforts are far-reaching and constantly evolving. We strive to provide a healthy and safe workplace evidenced by the strict environmental practices we hold true.


Targeted Goals

Reduce our global Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2025, compared with our 2016 emissions.

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Together With the Industry at Large

Participate in the ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable to encourage the innovation and integration of Green Chemistry within the industry.

A scientist grabs a solution from a set of chemicals.

A Greener Future
for All

Prioritize Green Chemistry protocols like the innovative use of enzymatic catalysis, flow chemistry and greener solvents in active pharmaceutical ingredient synthesis.

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Real-World Impact

Through socially- and environmentally-responsible sourcing and production, we believe we can create more lifesaving medicines and improve access to them.

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Scenes from Gilead's sustainability initiatives around the world.

"We work to maximize the efficacy of our medicines, to develop the lowest possible dose to effectively treat our patients. In the end, this means we reduce manufacturing waste."

Monica Tijerina, Executive Director, Formulation and Process Development at Gilead

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We're Ready for What's Next

The work is already underway. Read Gilead’s 2019 Year in Review to learn more.