Viral Hepatitis

For decades, we have pioneered the way forward to help improve the lives of people living with liver disease around the world. We have been a leader in transforming hepatitis C (HCV) from a chronic condition to one that can be cured. And now, we remain committed to helping achieve elimination of viral hepatitis as public health threat by 2030. For people living with hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis D (HDV), our focus on advancing medicines drives our pursuit of potential cures. But our commitment doesn’t stop here.

Through our groundbreaking science and collaborative partnerships, we strive to create healthier futures for everyone living with liver disease.

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Partnering to Eliminate HCV

Beginning in 2013, Gilead delivered four curative treatments for HCV in less than four years. To date, more than 5 million people have been treated with our HCV medicines around the world.

We remain committed to helping achieve the World Health Organization’s (WHO) goal of eliminating viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030. We are providing funding, medicines and expertise to help reach this target as we support the efforts of governments, patient organizations, payers and healthcare providers to increase awareness, drive screening and facilitate linkage to care for HCV.

We are also going beyond the medicine to help address the disparities impacting people living with hepatitis. Through our corporate giving programs, we partner with community organizations working to ensure people around the world receive the care and services they deserve. For example, our HepConnect initiative addresses the intersecting HCV and opioid epidemics in greater Appalachia.

Advancing Healthier Futures for People Living with HBV

We’ve been advancing the science of HBV for more than two decades. Our research has contributed to today’s scientific understanding of the disease and medical interventions that have transformed how chronic HBV is treated for millions of people around the world.

But our commitment doesn’t stop here. For people living with hepatitis B, our focus on advancing innovation drives our research into cures for HBV.

Addressing Unmet Needs of People Living with HDV

Chronic HDV is the most severe form of viral hepatitis and can have mortality rates as high as 50% within five years in people with cirrhosis. While it is often underdiagnosed, it is estimated that at least 12 million people are currently living with hepatitis D.

We’re working to bring a first-in-class therapy to market in regions around the world. Building on our two decades of experience in viral hepatitis, we will continue to pursue research in the field to help improve the lives of people living with HDV globally.

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